How Do I Use My Internet From My Phone To My Tablet?

How to connect internet via phone to tablet

Tablets can be connected to internet by two methods : through a WiFi connection or through using certain mobile phone. The tablets which are compatible with Bluetooth and use the dial up networking are eligible to get connected through phones for internet. Before you connect your tablet for internet to your phone you need to check the technical specifications. If your tablet has those technical specifications it is beneficial for you as you can take along your tablet where ever you go and have an access to internet where ever your phone catches signal.
also, to use a network you have to have a phone compatible to it.

How to set up your tablet’s internet connection through your phone
Make sure that the Bluetooth of your phone is switched on. your connectivity of Bluetooth should be at a setting which says visible.
You need to pair the phone with your tablet. The two devices will exchange special security codes so that it connects automatically without seeking permission.

Procedure :

    • Select Applications Icon
    • Click On Settings
    • Select Control Panel
    • Double-Click On Bluetooth
    • Click On Devices
    • Select New
    • Select your phone , a box with a security code will show . Mark the small box which would mention ” Set as Trusted Device”.
    • Some phones may add an extra step where the require you to manually set the tablet.

Tablet will ask you if you want to use the internet connection tap on “yes”

  • The tablet will not start with an operator set up which allows you to select which phone network operator you use , click next and continue.
  • Now it would command you to select your country from the lit click on next.
    Click on finish and then close, now your tablet is ready to have an access for the internet.
  • There is another way to proceed to connection if the above enlisted does not work for you.
  • Go to the Control panel as discussed above
  • Double click on connectivity
  • From “connect automatically”, select ” phone connection” for the tablet to automatically connect to the device you are using. The ” search interval” lets you command how often the tablet can try and connect to the internet.
  • Select Ok . The tablet is now immediately connected to the internet through your phone.

If your tablet reaches an idle time it would get disconnected on its own that is if the access has not been done for a long duration the internet turns off automatically. If you do not want the tablet to disconnect on its own . go to Idle time and set it as WLAN idle time this would hence let you make your connection last for an unlimited time.

If you go through a problem while carry forwarding these steps to get your connection fulfilled you can contact the internet support number for assistance.

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