Internet Has Stopped Working In Android

Internet has stopped working on Android phone. How to fix the problem?

Internet can be accessed with any Android device but the only condition is that there should be a active internet or WiFi connection. First check if you are having problems connecting to the internet on the Android phone? Then make sure that mobile data on the device is active or not?  This guide is exactly the help that you have been looking for your device.

It is important to check the signals of a bad WiFi. The WiFi can create problem in accessing the internet and so identifying the problem is very important. Check for the signs of bad connection lead to following troubles

  • Downloads will not start, time out, or remain at 0%
  • While trying to access the Google Play, it will be stuck on ‘Loading’
  • Will not be able to load the web pages in the browser

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps for the Android device –:

  •  Restart the device which in any case is an effective troubleshooting step. It is a simple step, but sometimes it takes a while fixing a bad connection.
  •  If the restart doesn’t work, then switch between the Wi-Fi and mobile data. Open the ‘Settings’ app and click on ‘Wireless & network’ or ‘Connection’. The options can be different depending on the device.
  •  Turn the Wi-Fi off and the mobile data on. Now see if there is any difference. If the restart is not working then turn the Wi-Fi on and the mobile data off. Now check if that is working or not.

There can be two main reasons as to why the Android cannot scan a network automatically. The network you are trying to access can be ad-hoc in nature. Most of the Android phones are not configured to work on Ad-Hoc networks but on access points. Android by-default does not support Ad-Hoc network but many developers patch the wpa_supplicant file on Android. Try to add the network manually if the problem lies with the hidden network.

Dial internet support number for help and assistance in case of any problem with the Android internet access. Support professionals can provide instant troubleshooting for the internet problems. These technical experts can provide the best

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